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How you can sip ice cold margaritas next friday and still get an iPhone 5

Margarita Fridays were a tradition with my roommates in college. Every friday we’d sit outside on lawn chairs and drink bottomless margaritas (as long as our wallets could survive). If you haven’t tried margarita Fridays, you should. It’s a great way to end a week.

It’s all good until you realize that next friday the iPhone 5 comes out. Now, you could wait in line and have someone sneak Margaritas to you at the mall or downtown Palo Alto, but that’s socially frowned upon. Instead, I have a better idea.

Next Friday the iPhone 5 launches and millions of people across the country will be lining up to get their hands on one. Last year I waited 5 hours before I had my phone and the year before was around 6. This year, I’d like to hold a place in line for anyone willing to trade their time for money. I will arrive early and guarantee a spot inline where they can get an iPhone 5 in all it’s glory on launch day (before they sell out).

Want to know where I am in line when you’re having your third Marg? Done. Want to wait less than 15 minutes to get your iPhone 5? Done. Want a free high five when you get your iPhone 5? How about two?

You only have two tough decisions to make:

  1. Black or White?
  2. Frozen or on the rocks?
There’s only one of me to go around, ladies, so act fast!



Update: iPhone 5 sold out in a record breaking time of 60 minutes. If you didn’t order it between 12am and 1am PDT, then you’re out of luck¬†unless you wait in line.¬†Ahem.

2 responses to “How you can sip ice cold margaritas next friday and still get an iPhone 5

  1. Christopher Paul

    Salt or No Salt?

  2. Shelly Hausman

    you crack me up!

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